CATS vs INVISIBLE WALL (A Portal?) / Animal crossing

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Welcome to our new channel Animal Cuteness Overload where Rag-doll cats will be your best friends. Watch to the end of this video and see the kitties kiss. It’s so cute!

Meet Teddy who is a Seal Mitted Rag-doll cat who you will absolutely fall in love with.
Meet Bella who is a Lilac Rag-doll cat who has a sweet playful personality. ‘
Meet Kodak who is a Lynx Rag-doll cat who acts like the mother cat.

Today we tried to see how our cats will react to an invisible wall.
Round 1 Bella slides through super fast. You must see Kodak’s surprise response.
Round 2 Teddy discovers the invisible wall. See his reaction.
Round 3 Watch how smart these kitties are.

I hope you like our first cat video.

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