Cats wear cute outfits | Caturday

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I found some cute shirts for the cats. They don’t seem to like them very much.

Track: Fenster’s Explanation
Outro: Porch Swing Days


Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

OH my lord, I REALLY needed a good laugh this morning. This will make you

Alyssa Growden says:

Haha so cute 🙂 my cats do the same thing if I put them in clothes x?

Gospel of Grace says:

Cats in clothes…I’m thinking…no.?

Kayleigh drouin says:

The cat in the hooded black shirt forgot how to cat for a moment haha?


To darn cute!!!!!!!!!?

curlyproductions says:

Thanks for the laughs!?

flogittoyou . says:

Please don’t put them in clothes again they are all better off “Au

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