CFA International Cat Show 2016 – Best of the Best

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Best of the Best competition at the CFA International Cat Show held in Novi, Michigan, USA November 20, 2016.

The judges for this event were Kathy Black, Wain Harding and
Yaeko Takano. The handlers were Rachael Anger and Ken Currle. The announcer was Darrell Newkirk.

Full results of the competition are listed here:

I did record the entire Best of the Best competition, including Mark Hannon’s introduction, the top 3 Household pets and Agility cats – however, much to my surprise, I saw a warning icon on the camera screen telling me I was running out of storage space. Since I was recording a live event I didn’t have much time to think and so simply deleted clips at the beginning of the event to have space for the finale. Turns out I had not deleted clips from the 2015 International on this memory card, thus the lack of space. Also, I did have a moment of panic when I couldn’t find the actual Best of the Best winner announcement. Oddly, due to the clip deletions, the file numbering broke sequence so the clip containing the BotB annouocement was given a lower number than clips preceding it – big relief on seeing that, puzzling as it was.


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