CFA International Cat Show 2018 – Maine Coon kitten class judging.Set 1

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First set of Maine Coon kittens in class judging at the 2018 CFA International Cat Show held in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

The judge is Rachel Anger.

I shot the entire show using Sony log3.

To quote Sony “S-log3 gamma curves allow far wider ranges of brightness and colour”. (Yes, Google – colour – is a correct spelling, just not yours.)

Well, maybe, but that’s turned out not to be my experience so far. Log files compress the brightness range and look quite faded. Turns out I couldn’t find a simple way to convert log files to what one’d naturally see – and I did look and tried quite a few different methods – but ended up doing everything manually. Would have been a LOT easier to just use Sony’s 709 color profile settings instead.

Getting the white balance right has to be easier/better using 709 too.

So, still can’t get the reds quite right. Gotta feeling I’ll still be saying that in September…


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