Christmas Cat-Tastrophe | Minecraft MyStreet [Ep.6 Minecraft Roleplay]

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Christmas is in the air and so are cats… but these aren’t just any cats! These are special cats!

Weclome to the new MyStreet Series!
MyStreet consists of a collection of characters you know and love from Aphmau’s various Roleplay Universes all having modern day interactions with each other in an alternate universe known as… MYSTREET!

?Katelyn’s Voice – PrincessRizu:
?Kawaii~Chan Voice – Moeka:
?Dante’s Voice – LucariosKlaw:
?Garroth’s Voice – TheDragonHat:
? Laurance’s Voice – Sebastian Todd:
? Aaron’s Voice – ???

#Aarmau Artwork Artists:
?Kassidee –
?King-chan –
?Aiski –
?Anon –
?Herobrina –

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