Clayton Williams, a Brave-hearted Superboy’s Kitten Rescue

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Pin It — Shining World Hero Award: Clayton Williams, a Brave-hearted Superboy’s Kitten Rescue. Episode: 1653, Air Date: 25 March 2011.

Everywhere in the world, we can observe and be touched by acts of kindness. People from all walks of life, faiths, and cultures extend themselves beyond the call of duty to help others unconditionally. Through their noble deeds, humanity as a whole is elevated.

To commend virtuous actions and encourage more people to be inspired by their examples, Supreme Master Ching Hai has lovingly created a series of awards, including the Shining World Leadership Award, Shining World Compassion Award, Shining World Hero and Heroine Awards, Shining World Honesty Award, Shining World Protection Award, Shining World Intelligence Award, and Shining World Inventor Award, to recognize some of the most exemplary, generous, caring, and courageous people who walk amongst us.

Tender-hearted, nine-year-old Clayton Williams of Texas, USA risked his own life to save the life of a neighbor’s kitten. The story begins when Clayton heard the cries of the young cat stuck high in a backyard tree. And although the kitten was precariously perched on a limb some 35 feet or 10 meters above the ground, Clayton did not hesitate to try rescuing her.

When I saw the cat, I climbed up a different tree to see if I could reach her from that tree. But I couldn’t. So I climbed back down and climbed up the tree she was in. I got to the limb, (but she) kept going to the back of the limb. I did not want to go anywhere else. I wanted to stay right there.

While reaching for the kitten, Clayton suddenly began to lose his grip on the limb.

My left arm had slipped. I was only holding on with my right arm. I kept trying to reach her. But (I had) to reach up and grab, because this hand was slipping. But before I could, that’s when I fell.

The cat had gone to the very end of the limb and he was reaching for her as she backed off the limb and fell. And then he turned to see where she was at, and his hand slipped off. And he was trying to grab back on. And the other hand ended up slipping too and he ended up falling backwards from the tree.

He fell feet first on his left side. When he hit the ground, he fell backwards. So, that’s how he broke his ribs and his shoulder blades falling backwards. And he apparently didn’t hit any of the limbs on the way down, which was a miracle in itself because it could have caused head and neck injuries.

Although severely injured, Clayton was conscious and heroically struggled to get the kitten to his house.

He picked the cat up in his mouth because he could only move his right arm, because his arm was broken so badly. (I couldn’t use it.) He army-crawled on his right side with the cat in his mouth. And I was like shocked that that he had put the cat in his mouth to come home.

Clayton’s mother, who was tidying up the house, had been unaware of the desperate situation outside.

I really didn’t know he was even outside when he fell, because I was dealing with the household, trying to get it cleaned up. I had actually thought it was the dog at the front door whining.

When I opened the door, Clayton was at the bottom of the steps.

Despite just having undergone a highly traumatic event, Clayton’s first concern was still the kitten’s well-being.

I went to stand him up and the whole time he was yelling, “I want to take the cat to the vet. I want to take the cat to the vet.” So I picked up the kitten and put her in a safe part of the yard and told him, “Right now the kitten is okay. We’re going to take you to the hospital.”

After being reassured that the precious kitten was safe, Clayton was finally willing to have his own injuries treated.

I could see that something was wrong. And it didn’t register in my mind how bad everything was. It just was my baby did not look like my baby.

So, I drove to the hospital and I carried him because by that time he was going in and out of consciousness.

The brave little nine-year old then underwent major surgery for eight-and-a-half hours.

He came out of the surgery, everything was fine. We got to his room and he refused pain medications, he wouldn’t take them.

After a long hospital stay, Clayton finally returned home. And despite his own condition, Clayton’s first concern was finding out how the kitten was doing. What made Clayton so determined to save a cat who lived in a neighbor’s house?

Because she was a baby. And I got to pet her on the back steps. She was a little nice cat.

Clayton’s father is a Native American or member of a people indigenous to the United States, and his respect and love for animals has deeply influenced his family.

We think that the animals are souls, they have spirits. And everybody on Earth and everything on Earth is tied together. And so we treat the animals the way we want to be treated. Each one of us ha


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