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Welcome to the official kitten therapy cam of singer/songwriter Sarah Donner & her band Kittens Slay Dragons! We believe in fostering kittens as a means to combat depression and anxiety. We also write a lot of songs inspired by our miracle cat Melon Smoosh. We live in MA. You can email us through the contact link at if you are interested in adopting a kitten or saying hi.

Sarah is a performer. She likes to sing with kittens around, so some evenings are dedicated to making music with the babes closeby. Occasionally the volume may be lowered when recording or lessons are in session. Michael runs Abbey Cat Brewing and sometimes does packaging from Club Smoosh. We have been fostering since 2004, specializing in bottle babies and socializing feral kittens. PSA: We swear sometimes. I mean we even named one of our cats Moby Sh*t. We also refer to kitten parts by their biological names. So you might consider this cam PG-13.

Action Cats! is a card game that sponsors our cam. It’s like Cards Against Humanity but with more cats and no dick jokes! It’s fun, and the people who make it are great humans who love animals. Give it a whirl:

IN Club Smoosh:
We took in 6 white newborns (born 12/13) abandoned by their mom, as far as we know on 12/14. The director of the rescue It’s All About The Animals had a family emergency, and I met her at the hospital after a snow storm to pick up the kittens because she needed to be with her family at that moment.

WHY IS YOUR CAT IN A SOCK? Stitch has a hernia. It will be fixed when he gets neutered, but for the next few weeks he is wearing a sock to keep his bits in his belly.

STITCH (black nose) M (3.2oz, 4.2 oz, 5.4 oz, 6.6 oz, 6.9 oz, 7.2 oz, 7.2 oz, 6.6 oz, 6.9 oz, 7.4 oz, 7.9 oz, 8.3 oz, 9.1 oz, 9.7 oz, 10.6 oz, 11.4 oz, 12.4 oz, 12.8 oz, 13.5 oz, 14 oz, 15 oz, 15.3 oz, 1lb, 1lb .5oz, 1lb 2oz, 1lb 3.3oz, 1lb 3.9oz, 1lb 4.7oz, 1lb 5oz, NEW SCALE! 1lb 7.6oz, 1lb 8oz, 1lb 9.8oz, 1lb 10.9oz)
BOBBIN (pink nose) M (3.1 oz, 3.4 oz, 4.2 oz, 5.1 oz, 5.6, 6.6 oz, 7.2 oz, 7.4 oz, 7.9 oz, 8.4 oz, 8.7 oz, 9.4 oz, 9.9 oz, 10.7, 11.2 oz, 11.9 oz, 12.9 oz, 13.2 oz, 13.8 oz, 14.9 oz, 15.6 oz, 15.8 oz, 16.6 oz, 1lb 1oz, 1lb 2oz, 1lb 4oz, 1lb 5.7oz, 1lb 6.6oz, 1lb 7.1oz, 1lb 8.2oz, 1 lb 9.6oz, NEW SCALE! 1lb 13oz, 1lb 14oz, 1lb 15.4oz, 2lb 2oz )
Purple Rain F (passed away 12.21)
Bleup M (passed away 12.20)
Special Agent Runterson F (passed away 12.20)
White Priveledge M (passed away 12.21)

I wrote a song for the beloved critters that passed away called “You Get A Lifetime” based off a Neil Gaiman quote. You are welcome to this mp3 of the demo.

The SADS ARE OK Policy
We specialize in neonatal kittens and with that comes the sad reality that there is a high mortality rate among motherless newborns. That makes us sad. That makes you sad. I have spent a lifetime trying to learn to express my feelings especially when they are difficult ones.
I am not going to tell anyone they cannot chat about how they are feeling. Some critter cams have a “no sads” policy, and I respect that. I just know that I want to be my authentic self if I’m on the camera, and sometimes that might mean I’m sad. I’m just hoping folks can be respectfully talk about sads if they need to, but in a way that we can offer solutions and encouragement. Nothing macabre though! We should lift each other up. It’s ok to talk about how you feel here, HOWEVER, please be mindful that if you are sad, others may not have the capacity to take on your problems and pain. Let the KITTENS BE YOUR THERAPY. Let KITTENS SLAY YOUR DRAGONS.

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Twitter: @sarahdonner @meowslaydragons @abbeycatbrewing
Instagram: @sarahdonnerparty @kittensslaydragons @abbeycatbrewing
Facebook: @sarahdonner @kittensslaydragons @abbeycatbrewing


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