Cool Cat and the Unlucky Mermaid!

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Join Cool Cat as she gets herself into yet ANOTHER unlucky day! From ruining Heather’s homework, to chewing Sally’s beloved dolls, her day just gets worse and worse. But she isn’t the only one having an unlucky day. Meet the Unlucky Mermaid, who, like Cool Cat, is prone to bad luck. Watch to see how these two unlucky paths cross!

Music by Kevin Macleod: Sunflower Dance Party, Scheming Weasel, Rains Will Fall, Nothing Broken, Movement Proposition, Arcadia, Bad Ideas Distressed, The Builder, Cattails, Cephelopod, The Complex, Dark Hallway, The Curtain Rises, The Descent, Dub Eastern, Kool Kats, Cipher, Winner Winner.


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