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LipGlossLover048 says:

“No one lives in Chicago”
🙁 I do lol?

HeyItsMimee says:

Are you guys thinking of our Space Needle? hahahaha <3?

Siimmii Jade Cusbert says:

I cried laughing when the ‘snake’ got stuck on nikos head ?

MagicallyMeagan says:

I don’t really like the mail time vlogs. I think it’s great for those who
have sent stuff, but I also hate how it takes up your “day vlog” and the
entire time is mail time. Could you do two separate videos for “one day” of
your daily life and then your mail time??

marlene valdez says:

Millennium Park is where you are talking about kay :p
Im from chicago 🙂 ?

tracy s says:

So u guys ever going to do a meet and greet???

adriana vela says:

You guys had me laughing 🙂 ?

Kissy Joyce says:

kayleigh good job you did it!!! “the Folding letter” Part.. I was laughing
when I saw your reaction when you got it.. High Five!!!?

Brisk2124 says:

Yo Matt I just wanna say that you got a beautiful girlfriend. No disrespect
but kaghley is really cute down to earth and goofy and really Hot too.?

allbeautifulthings?3 says:

Tomb Raider is soooo good?

Carole Evans says:

I’m addicted to your vlogs because you are a lovely, genuine couple !! (Not
forgetting Nico and Minnie too) xxx ?

AlrightDarlingx says:

Never thought i would enjoy cats but we just adopted 2 6 week old kittens
who where abandoned by their mother and i am enjoying them so much, They
are so friggen adorable. I have always been a dog person but kittens are so
much less work than puppys haha. ?

Melissa Kayla says:

That toy on Niko’s head was way funnier than it should have been, hahaha.
Looks like they both approved of the new toys, so cute! :)?

Artsyivy says:

Your kitties are so adorable!!!! Lol?????

Blanca Molina says:

Kayleigh you look so pretty in this video! I love how yall are always so
happy and down to earth. Stay beast guys! <3?

Dulleya Woods says:

Yay! I was wondering when you would get a chance to see my letter. I knew
Matt was going to have a hard time with my name but Kayleigh totally got
what I was trying to say lol. You guys are awesome! Love y’all! ?

Lara Seq. says:

Kisses from Portugal! Love your vlogs guys. ?

Indu indz says:

It was so funny!! ???? I was laughing so hard when the wand falls on Nikko’s
face and he was trying to push it ???????? You guys always makes us happy when
we love watching you guys ???????? Love Nikko and Minne ?????????

Cecilia Barcenas says:

Glad the Niko & Minnie enjoyed their new toys. 🙂 I sent y’all something
too, but I think it got lost in the mail somewhere. I’ll resend. 🙂


TaylorRyall says:

Gah still haven’t opened mine!! Ill be watching for your next one <3 ?

Chailin Lew says:

Niko made me laugh a lot today. I watched it twice. Lol. ?

vzexiquio86 says:

Can we see your workout plan Kayleigh ??? ?????

MakeupChicCrafter says:

U guys always make me smile u r amazing people and Minnie and Nico are so

Annmari Lucy says:

Oh my gosh I love you both so much???????

Wanda Osborne says:

I love your kitties niko is so cute. ?

BeautyByMandy says:

what are some of you and matts favorite vlog channels?(;?

Deva Long says:

Those are great cat toys – I will get some!?

Kailey K says:

Spaceship thing = Space Needle hahaha?

Janelle Kraus says:

Loved this mail time!! Kayleigh, you look so pretty you always do!! I
noticed how slim your face is looking!! You look great! From one friend to
another ????

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