Cops killing animals: Dog shot dead, cat’s throat cut, dog tased, Chinese cops beat dog compilation

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Some of these videos of cops shooting dogs and killing cats will make you furious; others will just make you sad. Police forces exist to uphold the law and protect citizens from criminals and officers are usually equipped with guns, batons, tasers or other weapons to protect themselves and the public from danger. Occasionally, police will turn their weapons on animals; sometimes in legitimate self defense, sometimes because they’re bad cops. TomoNews presents a selection of videos and stories of police-animal confrontations that ended very badly for the animals.

“Oh wait, is that a dog? Might just shoot him anyway!”

Uncensored video of Texas police shoots dog:

1. The Topeka, Kansas police officer who shot a 26-pound miniature pinscher-boxer mix named “Josie” while responding to a false burglar alarm was still on the force despite a 2002 conviction for vehicular homicide.

2. A mother and daughter are grief-stricken after a Florida city cop shot their beloved pet in cold blood, right on their property.

3. A Filer, Idaho police officer shot a black labrador to death in front of its owner’s house during a kid’s birthday party.

4. Two police officers in Langzhong city, Sichuan province beat a homeless man’s dog to death in public.

5. A Maryland police officer has been suspended without pay and is facing animal cruelty charges after allegedly slitting a dog’s throat

6. When the SWAT team arrived at the man’s house, he threatened to shoot them with a crossbow and sic his cute little dog Angel on them.

7. Richland County Sheriff’s deputies thought they were looking for a suicidal woman in Lucas, Ohio, instead they found an angry nine-month-old Rottweiler-Mastiff.

8. St Petersburg Florida is a bad place to be a dog. In 2012, police in the Tampa satellite shot eight dogs during various interactions with the public.

9. Click here for the full version:
A video released from August, 2014 shows a Cleburne, Texas police officer responding to a call to round up some loose pit bulls in a subdivision.

10. A New Zealand cop is undergoing a criminal investigation after he shot a defenseless animal off his property with a weapon, while off duty.

11. Something set a Palm Coast, Florida pooch off, making him feel the need to get all chompy with his family.

12. Witnesses say police officer in North Catasauqua, Pennsylvania opened fired on six-year-old Sugar without making any attempt to rescue the animal.

13. Former Rains County deputy Jerrod Dooley was fired after shooting Cole Middleton’s dog, Candy, during a burglary call response at Middleton’s home.

14. DeKalb County, Georgia authorities said they have yet to determine the cause of the shooting, but they did admit that the officers responded to the wrong house at the time of the incident.

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