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Does your feline family member love catnip? How about scratching? Then OurPets has something you’ll love! OurPets Cosmic Catnip toys and scratchers come with a bag of catnip to keep cats happy and entertained. Plenty of pet parents ask why do cats love catnip? And how does catnip affect cats? Well, cats and catnip have a really cool relationship. When cats smell catnip they go wild with excitement! Catnip’s effects on cats include happiness, playfulness and lots of purring! Wondering what is in catnip? It might surprise you to find out it’s nothing but a single plant, called nepeta cataria. Cosmic Catnip has figured out how to make a great aromatic blend that’ll keep cats coming back for more. Cosmic Catnip toys are infused with this cat-tastic blend so that cats can’t resist pawing at, clawing at and playing with them. But that’s not all. For parents of furry felines who like to sharpen their claws on the human furniture, OurPets has a set of paw-some scratchers. By sprinkling Cosmic Catnip into its crevasses these posts are sure to hold your cat’s attention and keep your furniture safe for a long, long time. Cosmic Catnip Scratchers come in three different styles, so kitties of all kinds will think they’re purr-fect. If you’re worried about cats biting at and destroying these toys and posts too quickly, no sweat. Now, do cats eat catnip? Sometimes, but catnip’s effects on cats come from smelling it, not eating it. Plus these posts are made to hold up against event the most enthusiastic scratchers. Cosmic Catnip posts and toys will provide tons of fun, as well as plenty of funny home videos of your cats on catnip!

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