Cosplay Caturday – Deadpool

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Hi, my name is Oliver Age 24 you’re watching Cosplay Caturday, the weekly show where I draw a cat cosplaying as anything you like.

Tweet at me using the hashtag #CosplayCaturday

Please draw your cats 1920×1080 pixels with your name and age.
Email them to me at


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Thanks a lot,
Oliver Age 24


gamingguys57 says:

Deadpool did not start from spiderman?

Adrien KITT says:

Fantastic !?

Oliver Age 24 says:

Cosplay Caturday – Deadpool!?

sirnicko1 says:

He’s an Anti-Hero not Super Villan?

miranda awesomeness says:


M7MAD520 says:

*Sarcastic Mode ACTIVE*
honestly this picture can’t be any better i mean it’s better than the jokes
that deadpool say am i right?(a lot of booooos) oh right let’s get back to
the point the shading on the cat is Perfect because of the Advanced 3D
Lighting Technique that oliver did in the video i can’t pull it off
Perfectly like he did but there is one problem that is the cat is silent
and deadpool isn’t silent i hope Oliver focus next time this is Mohammed
Age 16 i’m out ?

Nicholas Chung says:

Hi Oliver ?

coryman125 says:

Telling jokes has gotta be the best super power ever! You can either make
them laugh so much that they can’t do anything, or make them facepalm so
much they knock themselves out. Either way, 10/10, would cat again.?

Brendan eldridge says:

A cat cosplaying as vsauce.?

Graeme Provencal says:

You are bananas.

Fantastic! ?

SuperHumor says:

#under301club ?

William Judd says:

First 🙂 ?

PaperPie says:

Draw a cat cosplaying as son goku super saiyan pls <3?

Alex Montgomery says:

I dont have twitter but if I did I would ask you to do a cat cosplaying as
freddy fraz bear?

Lewman W says:

This is actually quite good ?

robloxmad 20 says:

Draw a cat playing five nights at freddy’s?

Eddie Pope says:


Christopher Garry says:

Whats he use to paint??

Suprem3productionz says:

Draw a cat cosplaying as wolverine?

Felix Jowett-Morley says:

I don’t want to send a cat in because you just
make fun of them?

rossifoolz99 says:


Robert Ward says:

I can’t stand that cat music.?

mzmingle says:

Amg I love this?

The Mega Gamer says:

Hey Oliver! 10/10 would Pool again! Great vid Oliver!?

Fabian Machielsen says:

1:19 That’s a lie. You should always use witty banter and puns while
fighting crime or while fighting crime fighters.?

KiriKuro Ko says:

0/10 never cat again ?

MrMarioschannel says:


Luca Munro says:

X-Men anti hero?

Lord Jarvis says:

This is fucking dumb?

Jack The Basketball Playing Elephant! says:

Join in with the intro!


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