Counterfeit Cat | Season 1 | Episode 01B: Where Do All The Cat Toys Go?

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Max is teaching Gark how to play with cat toys when he accidentally bats his favourite toy, Charles Anthony, under the couch. Max is absolutely distraught and explains to Gark that once a cat toy goes under the couch, it has gone forever. Gark figures there must be an explanation and investigates. To his delight he discovers a rip in space time under the sofa! The rip engulfs both Max and Gark and they crash land into the Cat Toy World where they get to play with hundreds of talking cat toys in the valleys of sofa cushions. Unfortunately, Max’s toy, Charles Anthony, happens to be the new favourite of the Cat Toy God, a large, imposing, but spoilt brat who rules the land. Max and Gark set out on a quest to find the Cat Toy God and retrieve Charles Anthony. When Max expectantly scares off the Cat Toy God, they need to find a new leader and there’s only one cat for the job.


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