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GOLDEN, COLORADO — A Colorado animal shelter has saved the cutest and most resilient kitten.

Aptly named Trooper, a 10-day-old kitten was facing death when he was brought to Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, Colorado.

Trooper lived under a porch in the area with four other siblings when the litter was attacked by a dog. The kitten and his sister, Patience, were the only two survivors.

The two were taken Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital, where Trooper was on the verge of death. Despite the kitten’s age, which is normally too young to withstand surgery, veterinarians decided to remove his badly damaged right front leg in order to give the kitty a fighting chance.

At the time, Trooper and Patience hadn’t even opened their eyes yet, let alone began to walk.

But, Trooper pulled through and survived the surgery. He and his sister were sent to Foothill Animal Shelter where they were placed in a foster home as they continued their recovery process.

Recently, Trooper was adopted by his forever parents.

“We feel so fortunate that he’s a part of our family and settling in nicely,” Cindy H., Trooper’s new mom, said in a press release.

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