Cute Kittens Compilation 2015 [NEW]

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Cute kittens doing funny things will always going to cheer you up. Watch these funny kittens in this compilation of cute kitten videos.


Cherokee Dolan says:

u are do funny spot the deference

Zoe-Anne Brister says:

soooooooo cute need to wach this?

Maia Winder says:

The last 2 ?????????????????????

Nina Stanesic says:

2:29 is that a real duck cause it's freaky af

This is the kind of shit you watch after a playing fnaf?

Poodie Pie says:

OMG!!! ><?

Carlinhos Guisberth says:

Nada mal estés gatitos ?

Karen Bowlin says:

At 1:44 that looks like my kitten Tiger.!?

dalayla vazquez says:

This made me want to cry this should be on so cue?

Regann Abunny says:

How does one take care of so many cats?!?

Auria McComb says:

They are just so adorable ?

MarioCreeper Animation says:

So freaking cute!?

Grace Peña says:

Precioso me encantoo?

Litter-Robot says:

If this compilation of adorable kitten videos from @MashupZone doesn't make your Friday a little brighter, we don't know what will!

anna070497 says:

cuteoverload the kitty and duck so cute :)?

MoonFlower says:

that guy @ 0:11 needs more cats…?

Gracie Lee says:


zero Treeamo says:


Kyra Shephard says:

Awww, so cute they are so funny ?????????????

charles manuru says:

3:19 until 3:40 is supercute

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