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Cutest Stalking Kitten | Funny Cats SUBSCRIBE: . New video every Tuesday ! Starring: Toffee the Cat and Panda the Kitten
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Cat Coco gave all the kittens themselves, without requiring anything in return! Cute and funny kittens owe everything to his mother – Coco!
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Funnycatsandnicefish says:

Panda the stalker and Toffee the observer?


Lovely video !! What a Cutest Stalking Kitten Pahda was!! And What a
beautiful big sister Toffee the observer was!!
I’m very glad to know that Toffee is recovering gradually. And I’m
sincerely praying that Toffee is slightly better than yesterday!?

Kuba Wagner says:

Typowa zabawa kocia. Nale?y tylko uwa?a? na strumie? lasera.

LiveForPanda says:

and Toffee is standing there like Japanese beckoning cat, haha?

Sheila Bloom says:

Panda, you are such a beautiful ball of fluff. And Toffee(?) is like a
statute. Hope Toffee is okay.?

?????? ?????? says:

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????? ???? ??????, ????? ????? ???????????.?

limesquared says:

Hugs to Toffee..?

ria klop says:

dank je wel voor de grappige post en vrolijke muziek?

Anne Marie Dippoliti says:

So wonderful to hear that Gorgeous Toffee is taking a positive, slow turn
towards healing! I will continue to send loving and healing thoughts her

ahabtheplant says:

Glad to hear Toffee is getting better!!
And today we get to see Panda too?

Mmmmmm life is good!

Thank you and Toffee’s excellent vet!?

Frank O says:

Funny. The cat on the top is like “whatever.”?

West Kagle says:

Kitteh is like…….’Where the heck does that thing keep going?!?!?’

alexiaNBC says:

Panda is the cutest (and fluffiest) of the “P” litter?

???? says:

It is run the way of kitten is lovely.?

Kinsella Finn says:

Awwww baby Panda. See Toffee in there too. I hope she’s getting better. ?

Anthony Thomas says:

Silly question Oleg, what happened to Toffee? I have my fingers crossed
for the cutie.?

Darth Teabagger says:

i think panda is retarded and toffee looks kinda ghey ?

KipAc7810 | Clash Of Clans & Minecraft says:

+Funnycatsandnicefish Il sont trop Mignon <3?

jcmkh says:

More !! We want MORE !! Adorable – as always – but too short ! best
medicine for Monday blues. P-l-e-a-s-e make those videos longer . How old
are the kittens now??

tigeriys1 says:

Most adorable kitten EVER! I LOVE Panda!

So glad to hear Toffee is doing better! What was wrong with her? ?

Elena M says:

Cutest Stalking Kitten | Funny Cats:

Meghana Jijo says:

hahahaha! when ever Panda went left Toffee looked somewhere else and when
Panda went right Toffee kept staring at her!
Is Panda a girl or a boy ? please reply?

mario agostini says:

she is the only one from the many that so fluffy. Is she healthy I

Gorgerliscous says:

Love, love love. I adore every video Panda is in <3 ???

Penguin DT says:

Why can’t I be like a cat and find amusement from such tiny things? As a
geek I need a 1000 EUR gaming rig to get that pumped up :(?

e9s42tv69mo says:

OMG how sweetly cute! as always- excellent music selection! love that
bouncing baby chasing the laser dot- and such a regal silver coated kitty
looking on…..what pretty, dear kitties!?

Abdel Halim Chehab says:

it is just impossible to dislike this video!! and the proof 0 dislikes so
far :)?


Thank you for uploading beautiful video.
What pretty girls!
I’m so happy to hear that Toffee is recovering gradually.
I hope she will feel better soon.?

Roland Taylor says:

Panda the stalker and Toffee the observer?

Bandicoot says:

So fluffy.?

breadandcircus1 says:

Adorable PANDA playing while her loving, diligent big sister TOFFEE watches
over her.
Great video, my friend Oleg. Thank you for sharing with the world these
sweet images :)?

Georgia Barber says:

So cute!!! Looks like our Conner when he was a baby kitten. Maine coin cats
are so beautiful.?

michelle martin says:

Sooo cute … But I couldn’t take my eyes of UR hookah ?

The Almighty Kitten says:

Good to see Toffee 🙂 she looks to be doing a whole lot better! Hope she’ll
recover completely soon :)?

SuperRillus says:

Panda is on of the cutest kitten than i’ve ever seen?

CallumPlays - Minecraft Mania! says:


had to punch a wall to feel like a man again?

ManicallyMetal says:

Being forced to watched a unskipable ad before this is a sin, youtube
please fix this glitch?

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