Daciana The Werewolf Cat Princess (Lykoi Cat ~ The “Wolf Cat”)

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Please excuse the background noise! We were hanging out in the back at my husband’s veterinarian clinic. There were cats from the shelter at the clinic that day getting checkups and spays/neuters, so there is a lot of “kitty noise” in the background. I should probably have waited until the shelter picked them back up before shooting the video…oh well!

This is Daciana. She is a Lykoi Cat. This is a new breed of cats. Their partial hairless gene occurred naturally in normal domestic cat litters. This is not a “man made” breed and it does not involve any other pedigree breed. My husband is a Veterinarian and these kitties have been tested for any medical problems and we have found them to be extremely healthy! See more on our website- www.lykoicat.com

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