Dear Kitten: Regarding The Big Game

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One day a year things get weird, and Cat teaches Kitten the game-plan
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Zang Pong says:

Love it!?

Aditi Verma says:

Ahaha this is amazing!?

MelodiP says:

This is my new fave thing ?????????

David Morales says:

I dont know what they signifiy, but im pretty sure that one is the idiot
11830918301/10 best sentence ever?

yo hello says:


Chloe Campbell says:

These are the cutest things ever I miss kittens i have 13 year old cats i still love them but kittens are so cute?

MrsPaul says:

My cat does JUST that when I'm watching hockey. She'll just plop herself in front of the TV, and won't move.?

theRandom Gamer says:

1:02 check MEOW-t, get it?

Ok, I'm sorry I'll leave now?

Youtube Obsessed says:

"Pretend you're a sausage that lost the will to live" ?????????

kronomatica says:


Maya Madolyn says:

That's right … kitty get an airplane ride.?

bookfandomfab says:

like pretend you're a sausage that lost the will to live?

Rosie Lancaster says:

Pretend like you are a sausage that had lost the will to live?

Michael Powers says:

I love dear kitten?

Percy Brewer says:

Check out this video on YouTube:?

Joe Luis says:

So is dear kitten a boy or a girl, and when will they have someone narrate for the kitten??

Sydney Hodges says:

Please keep making these dear kitten videos I love them!?

evilpigeonsify says:

"a sausage that lost its will to live" that is almost as good as  "vuh-coom" from the original?

Shahrizoda Yusupova says:

I enjoy this..the cats voice doeeee?

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