Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog

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Cat and Kitten are back again, and now there is a new “thing” in the household. How will they respond?
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blauhimmelsky says:

That's right doggy, bow down.?

angelica ortiz says:

Im am the only person who think that the cat looks like andrew ??

jakob stasen says:

My cats and dog are good freinds?

Wolfer 05 says:

lol soooo funney?

SakuraFoxFurry says:

American Pitbull Terriers are the best family dogs.?

rick thomas says:

I love the Dear Kitten stories?

yo hello says:

I love these ads they're so funny hahaha?

I can't pick a good username says:

Why does every video related to cats or dogs always result in a cat vs dog war in the comments??

Ruby Violet says:

Dogs are basically just men then :')?

sir piggerlottle says:

What breed is that cat?!?

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