Dear Kitten

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Cats everywhere are promising big changes for a taste of wet cat
food. What will your cat do? Tell us:
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Tareq Gaga says:

This is cute and hilarious !?

Kelsey Sepeda says:

Z frank 1?

chillchillpill says:

"Human lavae"!!?

Obsidian Productions says:

I used to feed my kitten Friskies but it gave him some serious poops and it was really hard to clean out the litter box.?

Shawn Gasparini says:

ok.  Who clicks dislike on this?  Come on.  Trolls.?

Hannah Montan says:


sum1unoforever says:

Zefrankkkkkk we miss your channel D:?

alph42 says:

Advertisement successful. I will now start buying Friskies for my cats just to support these commercials.?

Angry Munky says:

Finally a good ad worth watching?

Heidi Hanson says:


Hussain Khuraibet says:

I know copy pasting is amazing?

Adrianna Martinez says:

That piano music was fire tho. Anyone know what its called??

Kat Willis says:

I love the cute yellow kitten!?

NevertahnProduction says:

facts about animals guy!!!!!!?

Emily Knutsen says:

Who else cried ??

Neko Neko Nyan says:

Dear kitten <3

Bella Rodz says:

+Leyo Salsero This is funny!!!!!?

Jenny Tulls says:

The guy reminded me of Ron burgundy when he said "you're so small you can't jump..which is sad. Sad for you"?

gamer lover says:

is that Morgan freeman's voice??

Ash S says:

I wish i could get one… my mom keep saying noo… i wanna a kitty ?????????????

Zak Thackwray says:

fight against the oppresive Vahcoom!?

Elsa The Ice Queen says:

I have 4 pets rn and love them all.

(In order from when I got them)

2.Russian Dwarf Hamster
3.Tuxedo Cat
4.Cane Corso?

Abdullah Tacoman says:

the narrators voice sounds like morgan freeman's voice?

Summer Lights says:

Okay, this was ADORABLE.?

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