DIY Cat Toys- Easy Pom Pom Craft for Cats- Crafting Under The Influence

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We’re fostering a little kitty named Hashtag, and in honor of her, we’ve decided to make a little pom pom cat toy for her to play with. Cats love yarn. Cats love DIY cat toys even more. So we’re making a DIY cat toy for Hashtag. This is an easy craft for kids to make, too! Subtract the booze.

Here is what you will need for your DIY cat toys:
-Heavy paper
-Lots of thread (like the kind you use to make friendship bracelets…or strips of fabric as Aubrey discovers work fairly well)
-A cat (because otherwise it’s just a lame toy…son’t you want your pom pom to be put to good use)

Here’s a fun fact: make sure you tie your knot at the end EXTREMELY tight. Shortly after finishing this craft, Aubrey’s DIY cat toy became pieces of shredded friendship mess all over the Crafting Under The Influence studio. Hashtag is feisty. Watch all the way to end if you want to meet Hashtag and see her star in her own kitty music video.

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