DIY Cat Toys – How to Make a Cat Scratcher

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Welcome to the Friskies Do-It-Yourself Toy Maker Series! Today, we’re building a Cat Scratcher!

You’ll need:
– A 12 inch by 12 inch piece of plywood
– 1 wood screw
– 1 razor blade
– 1 screwdriver
– 1 pen
– Lots of cardboard
– A 36 inch wooden dowel with a 3/4th by 3/4th square width. Go ahead and paint it if you like.
– 80, 8 inch by 8 inch cardboard squares
– 80, 7 inch by 7 inch squares
– 60, 6 inch by 6 inch squares

What to do:
– Paint the square plywood a nice color.
– For our templates, cut one 8 inch by 8 inch cardboard square, one 7 inch by 7 inch, one 6 inch by 6 inch.
– Cut a 3/4th inch by 3/4th inch square in the center of each square.
– For the next step, you might want some friends to help! You’ll need 80 8 inch by 8 inch cardboard squares, 80 7 inch by 7 inch squares, and 60 6 inch by 6 inch squares.
– Taking your 6 inch square cardboard, use the corresponding template to draw a 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch square.
– Repeat that step for the rest of the squares.
– Now, taking your cardboard, carefully cut out the squares out from the middle.
– Do this to the rest of your squares!
– Carefully drill a hole in the center of the plywood base.
– Carefully drill another hole at the end of your dowel about 1 inch deep.
– Connect the dowel to the base with the wood screw.
– Going from largest to smallest, stack your cardboard squares on the base with the dowel going through their center.

Keep at it, you’re almost there! One last piece and you have it!

Yeah, I’d say this one was worth the effort.

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