DIY Cat Toys – How to Make a Feather Wand

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Welcome to the Friskies Do-It-Yourself Toy Maker Series! Watch this video to learn how to make a Feather Wand your cat will absolutely adore.

You’ll need:
– 2 colors of yarn
– 1 wooden dowel
– 1 needle and thread
– 1 wooden bead
– Feathers
– 1 thin leather strap
– A little bit of blue string.
– 1 pair of scissors
– 1 drill

What to do:
– Using your thumb to hold it in place, wrap your first spool of yarn around your hand.
– Cut the end. And add the other color!
– Next, carefully take the yard off your hand and, using your blue string, tie them up in the middle.
– Cut the loops. You got yourself a yarn ball!
– Take your leather strap and sew it to the yarn ball.
– Using another shorter leather strap, sew the feathers to the end.
– Slide the wooden bead over the base of the feathers.
– Tie the shorter leather strap to the longer one.
– Remember the drill? Time to use it!
– Put the strap through the hole and tie off the end.

Voila! Get it, kitty! Get it!

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Kreszentia Bichlmaier says:

Amusing to hear the narrator pronounce “voila” as “wallah.” Other than
that, I’d rather buy a toy than make one. If one doesn’t have all this
stuff on hand, making the toy is much more expensive than purchasing a
similar one. Cute cat, though.?

RioluGeeksOut says:

My cats would rip this one up.. *glances at store price*?

CapnSavvy says:

My cats love these. The store bought ones never seem to last, so maybe I
should try making one myself. :)?

Alex Baz says:

She totally loves it.?

Eve Br says:

My cat loves these! Will definitely be making one. Great video, thanks!?

opalhopeful96 says:

I love this buffy ginger kitten! Has a very nice coat pattern.?

Iliana Briones says:

love this diy series!?

PyroManiac ® says:

Nice :)?

Maria Beatriz Coelho says:

56 view?

Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

Leo is obsessed with feather toys. ?

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