Dogs Meeting Kittens for the First Time Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

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Dogs first encounter with new kittens.

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Raymond Etternal says:

how can anyone dislike this?

Hyun Ae says:

The second one made me say 'awwww'?

SgtBulletRiot Gaming says:

The first dog licking the kittens, that is SOOOO my dog, well, before she passed away last year! Loved my dog, her name was Crown, she was a Saint Bernard, Golden Retriever, Newfoundland mix, she lived to age 14, she looked EXACTLY like the dog Nana from the Disney cartoon Peter Pan, she even had the same personality as Nana!?

SgtBulletRiot Gaming says:

What kind of dog is that at 1:18 and 1:34??

Kristaps Brauns says:

The parody of 01:51
Cat:oh hi can i touh dis?
Dog:stop it i will lick you if you dont stop
Cat:but but what is dis i wanna see let me take a look at you wait a sec ur not the same
Dog:yes we are not the same cuz its my hand or feet
Cat:oh lick me again
Dog:no go away
Cat: okie bye bye?

jdagba89 says:

You can never get mad or angry watching this?

LaceeLasers says:

Oh come on, where the hell did these onions come from???

belinda baysicjohnson says:

The y are totes adorbs?

Charlies Angels says:

why do dogs and kittens get along better than cats and puppies??

Hauke G. says:

This is so beautiful. Sooo incredible lovely… There where some tears in my eyes, haha.:D Pure love! Not like many humans…all this hate.?

Matt Blount says:

Animals teach humans how to be human, Humans teach humans how to be animals.?

MPM theklic says:

my parents won't let me get a cat bc we have a big dog….but I want one soooo bad?

CrooningForLeftovers says:

Beyond adorable …?

Gamercakes Videocupcakes says:

This is cuter than the other way around?

whatsgoingon07 says:

It's hard to believe a 500lbs Bengal tiger is a close relative to the tiny kitten, like the raptor is a relative to a baby chick
It's just amazing how evolution works?

Louise P says:

NOW HEAR THIS.  I'm referring to the first video snip….Everyone watching this, DO NOT ever take kittens that tiny away from their mom and put them at the feet of a massive dog.  Those poor kittens must have been terrified.?

Kelli Pope says:

Awwwwww babies!!?

Goatmon says:

Dogs are, by and large, more domesticated animals than cats, and so they're more often a lot more accepting of cats than vise versa.

Not saying cats are worse pets, it's just what it is.?

Sid Shak says:

2:00 is the best one for me!?

White_Knight_Zigmund says:

0:380:42 I think my heart melted.?

Coel Scott says:

Cats are a bit more mobile than dogs eh??

Sarah Alexander says:

Love ?

Brinda Banerjee says:

this is adorable beyond levels!!?

Drazen Poznic says:

They are simply too cute, altogether. :)?

mynameisray says:

The first clip pissed me off, those are tiny kittens and you let this big fuckin stank ass vicious dog toss them around like rag dolls. What sort of fucked up person does that just for some fucking views on YouTube. What if I kicked your fucking newborn baby around on the floor for a while, would you like that fuck face??

Nic Jackson (Anonimiss) says:

The frist one one how r they so smull not going to lie its very cute well good night everyone ?

Nic Jackson (Anonimiss) says:

This nice song made me cry ?????????

SuitcasePortal says:

This was so sweet.?

Perina Jola says:

I'm very happy when I see kitten play with dog well!?

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