Ducky World Yeowww Catnip Cat Toys

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Welcome back for another product spotlight with Today we are taking a break from dog products and taking time to talk about our favorite cat toys which are made by Ducky World or you may know them as Yeowww Catnip Cat Toys.

We picked out 3 of our favorite catnip toys. They are the Cigar, Banana & Pollock Fish. Each one of these toys are handmade with 100% Organically Grown Catnip. They use no fillers and every toy is hand sewn. We have not found any catnip toys that come close to the same quality or scent that Yeowww Catnip provides.

The cigar and banana are both fun and unique toys that are just about the same length. The Pollock Fish is the longest catnip toy we offer. It is 11″ Long!

Ducky World has many other varieties of toys such as more types of fish, balls, pillows- and different colored cigars. You can order them online at or over the phone by calling 877-595-5276.


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