Eastland’s Orphan Kitten Rescue “Bottle feeding by the litter”

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I am a cat/kitten person and I found a local kitten rescue that takes in 1 day to 3 week old kittens and raises them and finds them a home. They are doing a great job. I wanted to document what they do and to help them promote their rescue by making a video of them feeding the little ones…

It usually takes 10 minutes or so to feed one kitten with a bottle. we have anywhere from 5 to 15 kittens that need to be fed each day 3 times a day during peak season. This is how they take care of the problem and save lots of time doing it.

If you want to help this wonderful organization visit their Facebook page and find out more information. www.facebook.com/okrescue


Robert Jondalar says:

They are so cute! Its not easy to feed them with a bottle. So Respect?

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