Easy DIY Cat Toys from Stuff you have around the House

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How to make simple and quick #CatToys from household items you have around the house that make wonderful,fun cat toys for hours of kitty fun! Watch “How to make a Meow Playstation” here! https://youtu.be/P0cf8mURBGc All toys should be surpurrvised by humans to make sure your cat is not eating the toys!

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Cat Toys from things around the house (be very careful they don’t eat them supervise
TP Rolls
Juice Rings
Water Bottle tops
Bad Handles
Pom Poms
Milk Jug Rings
Easter Eggs with Treats or catnip
Wine Corks
Empty Spools of thread
Ping Pong Balls
Twisty Ties
Crumpled Paper
Pipe cleaners
Chop Sticks

Easy Toys to Make from stuff around the house
TP Balls
TP Finge Roller
TP Cat Treat Dispenser
Cork Screws with Pipe Cleaners
Paper Towel Treat or Toy Dispenser
Puzzle Box

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