Ep 12 – Cat Care: Bringing A New Kitty Home

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Today’s episode kicks off a four part series on adopting a new cat. The four episodes will talk about preparations, ways to smoothly transition the new cat into your home, introducing a new cat to an existing cat and dealing with some of the most common problems when adopting a new cat such as non-use of the litter box, scratching the furniture and anti-social behavior.

Too many cats are returned to shelters shortly after adoption because the families who are adopting a new cat are not aware that new cats require a period of transition in order to become comfortable in their new home. Many shelter cats came from traumatic pasts and in new situations, they can become nervous and frightened and can act out in “unacceptable” ways. If adopters learn the basics of cat psychology and can help the cat ease into their new environment, more cats would adapt well resulting in a much lower return rate.

Today’s episode focuses on the basics of bringing a new cat into your home. Learn what information you need to get from the shelter and what things you should have in place before bringing the cat home. You’ll also learn the importance of providing the cat with a safe space, how to set it up, and how vital it is to let the cat set the pace with regards to affection and exploration.

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CatChatTV says:

From what I’ve heard, it’s actually unusual for a cat to become more
aggressive after being neutered. I know you mentioned your female screaming
whenever he gets near her before he was neutered. Have you seen him attack
her? What exactly is he doing? Does it look at all sexual? If so, has your
female cat been spayed? If not, it’s possible she’s in heat and even though
the male has been neutered, he is still a male and may be responding

MarcusLebronEsquire says:

1st thank you for the videos theyre very helpful. I currently live overseas
and moving back to the states with my girlfriend who also has a sphynx.She
lives in a small 1 bedroom apartment with a patio.Ive been pulling my hair
out trying to make sure the transition goes as smooth as possible. Since
not only is my cat flying for 18 plus hours but immediately moving in with
a new cat.Tampa is the city so Ive been thinkning the patio is the place to
keep my cat during the process.Any tips?

sylnanu says:

Awesome video!!!! It’s too bad that this doesn’t seem a lot more common
sense to most people, to get information on ANY pet before bringing them

CatChatTV says:

Also, it sometimes takes a month or so for them to settle down to more calm
and typical neutered-male behavior.

Nina Love says:

I love Ur cats 3 n Ur pretty as well ^_^

Nina Love says:

Hey its been 3 months since i got a male cat for my female cat, but shes
not letting him touch her, she is normal with him, but always hissing at
him, and the male cat is spraying everywhere! screaming all the tym! what
should i do 🙁 i thinking to get him fixed.

Nina Love says:

yes kinda did it slowly, they both are good together, they play alot! but
at de same time wen he gets nearer to her she screams, n never let him come
near her. I had gone to Vet today. got appointment for getting him fixed on
saturday 🙂 hope for the best <3 thank u

CatChatTV says:

Yes, you should definitely get your cats fixed. It helps control the over
population of cats. Also being neutered keeps them happier if they are not
able to mate (less frustration). Un-neutered males spray all over the place
and it smells! It also tends to make them more aggressive. Did you do the
introductions slowly over time?

Nina Love says:

Queen is very stubborn, hates guests, but loving to us only,if we don’t
give her treats she will stare with grieve, as for the tom he’s friendly, n

Nina Love says:

Heyya I got my male cat fixed, one week n 2 days til now. I wanted to ask,
my male cat is playing a lot but at the same tym hes getting lil
aggressive, biting us, fighting with female cat she end up screaming
loudly. Is this normal ? Becoz he was a lil lazy before neutering now he’s
super active

CatChatTV says:

Poor kitty, that’s a long flight, but I’m sure s/he’ll be happy that s/he’s
not being left behind! Is the patio enclosed and temperature controlled? If
so, it should work. Just do what you can to make it as comfortable as
possible, particularly after the trauma of travel. Blankets, cushions, etc.
Also, spend as much time as possible with your kitty. If it’s not enclosed,
it’s not a good idea. Being in a new environment the kitty will be
disoriented and could run away. What are the ages?

kuziamimi says:

Can’t wait to adopt another kitty when we get a bigger place 🙂 Thanks for
the tips

Nina Love says:

Sweety, yes seen him attack her, he stays in the position to attack with
his ears raised backwards then he runs n jumps into her body n put his
mouth to her neck or tummy. Lol u know Wat this queen hates him. Always so
scared n screaming when he just runs n play with her. She is not spayed n
not in heat these days,

Vishakha Sangtani says:

Cat food from “your table” and treats are not wise to give cats. If you
want to give a treat, minus some of their food and give it back to them as
a treat.

CatChatTV says:

Thank you so much! Always nice to hear 🙂

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