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Savannah a registered (TICA) cat breed that was derived by mating an African Serval with a pedigree Savannah to Savannah. The
Savannah is well-known with discerning pet owners and in many cases rival the dog as the favorite animal companion. This is due to their extraordinary physical appearance, loving personality and amazing intelligence.
World’s Largest Domestic Cat
Can be Walked on a Leash
Love to Play in the Water
Dog-Like Personality
Fully Domesticated Personalities
Great with Children and Other Animals

Savannahs are often seen walking on a leash or playing fetch with their owners. Savannahs require no special licensing or different care than ordinary house cats.

The store is the amazing result of our dedication to the Savannah Cat Breed, incessant hard work and heartfelt dream to further knowledge about this rare breed so it can change your life as it has ours. The Savannah is simply the most intelligent, loving and beautiful animal companion a family could wish for

African Serval = Hybrid Exotic Savannah Cats

Savannah Cattery TICA – California

“The First of Its Kind and Only Savannah Habitat In The World”

The The FIRST of its KIND” that Offers Unprecedented Ability to Interact
with these Amazing Cubs and Purchase a Kitten Cub Directly
From Us The Breeder

“The Savannah Cattery that Connects Exotic Cats with Extraordinary People Worldwide” Lee Draper

Savannah Cats Worlds Largest Domestic Cat Savannah Cats black spotted large domestic cat Exotic look like a leopard Savannahs have dog like personality endless energy for the ideal family pet Guinness record certified tallest cat in the world


“The Savannah Cattery that Connects Exotic Cats with Extraordinary People Worldwide” Lee Draper

The Savannah Cat Shoppe Savannah Cattery TICA
Flower Hill Promenade
Del Mar California
2710 Via De La Valle #B110
Del Mar California, 92014
Tele: 619-807-3836

Fashion Island- Newport Beach California Pet Experience
401 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Tele: 949-644-0980

Savannah Cattery TICA
“The Savannah Cat Shoppe” – Ranchgo Cucamonga California
Equestrian & Pet Supply
7070 Archibald Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, California
Tele: 909-944-9427
Tele: 800-881-0006
Tele: 619-807-3836


Email: savannahcatshope@yahoo.com


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