Fast drawing – Maine Coon cat Joshua in soft pastels

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Hi there.This time:
Maine Coon cat Joshua, soft pastels, 27,5×37 cm, owner Kinga Kozlowska, based on the photo made by Wojtek Kozlowski, with their friendly permission.

I invite you all to my Facebook fanpage, where you can find more of my paintings:
Have fun.


title: Silence
artist: Zero-project
album: e-world


AJAnimeFiery says:

For a few seconds at the end I thought I was staring at a real Maine Coon
cat! Your drawings always astound me with all of the detail and the
smallest marks. You could be making millions right now, you are so very
talented! While I was watching you draw and just watching the perfection
beginning right in front of me, I thought to myself, “I could never do
that..” I hope that is wrong though, and that I could do that one day, 🙂 ?

S Wasserfallen says:


Startwister says:

Another amazing work there. I envy your patience and talent! Always a joy,
watching a grand master.?

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