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I lost my kitten because I didn’t know the right way to feed a kitten so i suggest all kitten lovers to follow the link below to get tips for a healthy diet for you kitten

I found this kitten on the street all shaking and crying for her mom , i watched the kitten for a while and nobody came to pick the kitten up.
so finally i picked it up and tried first to rescue a kitten then to feed a kitten .
i grabbed a lab injector and filled it with milk and fed her every 2-3 hours .
poor kitten it was still blind ,the kitten is about 4-5 days old .
in the video i show how to feed a kitten.
I hope this will make a difference for kittens and us .
Hope this video will inspire you to help weak kittens surviving our hostile world.

sterilize a kitten-sized bottles and nipples in a hot water for around 5 minutes . and leave it to cool down.
take the kitten bottle and fill it up with a commercial kitten milk and add a bit of yogurt to the mix which will help the kitten digest the food.
you can find commercial kitten milk in almost any pet store.
NOTE: if you try to give your kitten a cow milk or baby milk that will upset the kitten’s stomach and even more than that, in some cases the kitten will die from dehydration.
from my experience i had once a kitten that i rescued from the street and didn’t know how to feed the kitten in a proper way
so i feed the kitten a cow milk for about 4 days , in day 5 i found the poor kitten dead !
i was so sad and i wanted to know why the kitten died,
the answer was cow milk!! so please do not feed a kitten a cow milk.

now you need to warm up the kitten milk and best way to do it is by placing the bottle in hot water container which will heat up the kitten’s bottle.
when the kitten’s bottle is warm ( about body temperature),
have a seat and place the kitten on your lap, and start feeding the kitten gently, you have to watch out from milk overflow that can cause the milk to enter the kitten’s lounges which is fatal.
after the kitten finish feeding, you can massage his stomach gently which will prevent the kitten from vomiting.
when that is done just put the kitten in a warm place so the kitten can rest and sleep.
you should feed your kitten every couple of hours or so for the first couple weeks.

I hope this article helped you a bit about kitten’s feeding and habits
feeding a kitten feels as good as feeding my baby boy ๐Ÿ™‚

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currently have a little one as well. about 10 days old. She’s been with
me a week.?

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You should work with the SPCA, rescuing and caring for animals?

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Wirad Bouzid says:

pls help need urgent help :
i found a baby kitten in the street he is shaking calling for mama probably
i gave him bread dipped in yogurt but he dont wanna eat. help.
dont know the age (can walk and see)?

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