Feline : Nibbles and drink with Toby. :-)

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Here’s Toby once again, and this time, we see him enjoying his nibbles, finishing the nibblets that are in the bowl, and then needing a drink from his water bowl.
See our Toby having an unusual drink. Click below. 😀

Most cats that have the dry nibblets in comparison to wet meat, need a bowl of water near to their food. As you can see in this video, our Tobias had a right proper go on his water bowl before heading off into the front room to do his cleanings. 😀

Even if we give him the wet meat kind of food, we still provide a bowl of water for him, as like you should do for your cat.

As -and-when peoples, I will try to do some more ‘Feline’ videos, and because we’re not filming a non-living object in the Feline videos, there will be no guarantees to the content of the feline videos, or their frequency on my channel.

…..Our Tobias doesn’t readily give his permission for a video shoot! 😀

Thanks for watching, feline fans!


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BloodySword says:

Hehe, I did not see toby on the beginning and I pressed thumbs up for this

It’s cute how he does not let disturb him while eating. :D?

MonkeyTrumpet says:

Toby looks happy 😀 I like his white toes, does he have a full set or just
that one foot??

HDXFH says:

cute cat!, rustymotor has a BAZ too ;-)?

1walkgirl says:

Jup this is good!, and I do love the placemat! :-)?

Scott Andrews says:

Another video from Wayne that ends on a round minute whilst zooming onto

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