Feline : Time for nibbles! :D

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Toby is a clever cat. He jumps up on the kitchen seat when he knows that his nibbles are going to be put in his bowl. 😀

He waits patiently. He is not allowed to put his paws on the kitchen worktop, nor eat the nibbles in the bowl while they are on the worktop. He knows that it will soon be eating time, but only if he behaves!

Toby knows that he can eat from the bowl when the bowl is presented to him as shown in this video. This is done so that he can approve of the nibbles in the bowl as sometimes he does like a change from his Rabbit Nibbs to the Chicken flavour instead. 😀

Upon accepting the offering of Rabbit Nibbs (he will eat a few to show his approval) it is then time for nibbles. 😀

Sometimes, as like he did in this video, he will take a few nibbles in his mouth at once, then take them to the kitchen floor and eat those there. On this occasion, his eagerness meant that one of the nibbles escaped from his mouth upon landing on the floor and it rolled away. I rescued that one and The Tobias ate it.

OK peoples…..Got to go. Toby is waiting oh so patiently for his Rabbit Nibbs in his food bowl. 🙂

More Feline videos later with our Tobias.


Video Thumbnail: Tobias screen-shot at 1:06
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William Squires says:

Yeah, my kitty liker her kitty treats, too! She likes to play hide-and-seek
behind the glass patio door. She’ll wait till she hears me scrounge in the
bag of treats, then “hide” around the corner. She’ll then appear when I
open the door. I toss them and, occasionally, she’ll catch them in her
paws. Too cute. 🙂 Maybe I’ll post a video…?

1walkgirl says:

Miep loves only the tuna ones! :-)?

Knuckles the Echidna says:

Awwwwwww sooo cute! I like that he licked you, my sisters cats will only do
that if your hands taste nice!! What happened to his tail or did he never
have one??

shesnailie . says:

If my Jenny can’t finish her nibbles, she covers them up with the towel I’d
put them on.?

Steven King says:

Cute and well mannered kitty! ?

Josh C says:

He was thinking hurry up slave i’m hungry.?

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