Feral Kitten Pistachio’s First Week After Rescue

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Pistachio was rescued out of the engine of a diesel truck. Feral, filthy, starving, he was taken in by Kitten Associates, a non-profit cat rescue in Sandy Hook, CT. Documenting his journey is foster mom and President of Kitten Associates, Robin AF Olson. Olson began posting images of Pistachio on Instagram, noting that his rescue was to honor a fellow Instagram friend: BrunoandBoop. Their cat, Frida passed away the day before Pistachio’s rescue and Olson wanted something good to come out of something so heartbreaking. You can follow Pistacho’s antics on FB: KittenAssociates and IG: RobinAFOlson

JULY 2018 UPDATE: Pistachio got very sick. Pneumonia. It took months of tests and $$$ to finally determine he had lungworm, which is rare in the northeastern USA. Treatment worked well and last month Pistachio finally stopped coughing. Now Pistachio faces another challenge. Though it may at first seem funny, Pistchio’s testicles never dropped. It’s another rare problem-because he needs exploratory surgery to find them in his abdomen. It’s causing him discomfort and urinary problems because we know one testicle is pressing on his bladder. We’re trying to raise funds for his procedure. If you’d like to help, you can make a tax deductible gift here: https://www.paypal.me/kittenassociates or venmo: KittenAssociates or through our web site: www.kittenassociates.org I will update here again should we reach our fundraising goal of $2000 to cover the surgery and to cover the $500 ultrasound that we already had done. Thank you for loving this little guy. He’s a sweetie.


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