Fluffy Kitten Goes Crazy For Bouncy Ribbon! – Kitten Love

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Gabe Evans, Brittni Brown


AnimaSola3o4 says:

Aww. I hope the other kitty got to play too.
S/he was interested!?

EpicGamer457 says:

Dude you are so underrated I see how much care you take into your video why
youtubers like pewdiepie just sit in front of a camera all day cussing
drooling and pretending to be funny keep up the good work?

MomMolly McKeever says:

first view and first comment?


Cutes kitties ever but my kitty is cute to?

The Pet Collective says:
Gillian Manzi says:

Looks like 1 person doesn’t have a soul ?

Tamara Mulder says:

OMG so cute and 1 like and comment!!!!!!?

Svetlana Ivanova says:


TheSkillGaming Toby says:

Nice ?

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