Free or Cheap Kitty Cat Toys – Furball Fables

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How to use simple household items and things from the craft store to make wonderful cat toys for hours of kitty fun!

This was one of our first video’s from Fall 2010. WE had to remove it recently because of an misidentified 3rd party content claim, which had been on our channel for 6 months. There is a lot of false Id scamming going on on Youtube these days. the original post had a Gargae Band loop, which is Royalty Free and we were allowed to use. However this company, claimed it was their music. We disputed, but they still claimed our video (URRGGGG) We took our video down a few months ago. Now we have gotten a dozen of these claims and we fight them every day. Youtube needs to change their copyright id and policies.

If you have the right to use music in your video and you get a Id match Content, please dispute. If the other company does not reply and often they won’t, please contact youtube copyright department and get the companies contact info. Contact them and tell them to remove the Content Id Match on your video. Make sure to include all the info (video, link, dispute id.

Here is a playlist another youtuber put togeather and there is a lot more in the forums about this issue.

Free or Cheap Kitty Cat Toys – Furball Fables
Starring Merlin, Fairy, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi.

Furball Fables

Furball Pet Friends



Batty McFaddin
Kevin MacLeod
Link where it can be found
Creative commons license

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