FUNNY CAT Enticing Grooming To Justin Bieber’s ‘BOYFRIEND’

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CATS JUST FLIRTING AROUND. Persian Cat Primping to Impress. WATCH how Leo captivates his friend Otis and viewers with his cute little cat body which is a hot mess right now and google eyes!!! The story behind using Justin Bieber’s song the ‘Boyfriend’ is because I made this video after my daughter’s friend fell in love with this cat (Leo). She is a strange bird but non the less she calls him her boyfriend every time she came over. Lol. She is obsessed with this cat, to the extent of putting his picture as her screen saver and tells her friends that’s her boyfriend. Cute little CAT STALKER. Give Leo a thumbs up and comment how you’d like to see more videos of this WEIRDO FUNNY CAT. His full name is Leonardo DeCaprio the cat with Fifty Shades Of Orange. THANKS FOR WATCHING!


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