Funny Cats Compilation #1 -2014

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pompomworld says:

6:11 omg they’re mimicking human speech! does anyone know the original link
to that part of the video? lol?

kane nelson says:

🙁 i dont like this video cats are getting hurt and NO ONE cares what if
you where a cat and u got hurt and people laughed at YOU. why does no one
care that cats are getting hurt!!!!!!!??????

CubeGamingX says:

Those 2 pigeons though ?

Anthony Chambers says:

those birds at 11:49 are instigators! lmao?

Gerg? Marczali says:
TwerkingMagikarpZz Gaming says:

the cats at 6:30 sounded like an 8 year old on Helium!?

Gerg? Marczali says:

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