Funny Kitten Cat Says I Love You ? (Married with Kittens)

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Our Kitty Cat Tesla has a love for bringing anything from my closet or drawers and dropping it in front of me or her human mom… while making sweet trills, beeps, and other sounds that are a form of “I love you meows)
It’s super funny cause we can here her making little happy and short meows as she’s dragging the item down the stairs. Apparently, from my extensive Wikipedia/internet research,cats bring their peoples stuff supposedly as a thank you to show humans they are loved.
Since Tess isn’t an outdoor cat and can’t bring a mouse or bird (thank god! Lol) she brings some sort of cotton substance 🙂

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I’m not sure what this means but hope people in China like this video compilation too! ???????????????????,?,??,?????,? ??,? ???,????,???,???,???,??????,?????,??,??,???,????,?????,???,????,????????

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