Funny Kitten Video Leo Playing With His Favourite Toys (Leo Meows)

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For the past few weeks, Leo has been playing with his little spirals on my ottomans. He’s been pushing them off one by one. Amazingly, Leo meows three times while playing. I had my air conditioner running so they are hard to hear. I tried my best to clean up the audio so that you could hear them. He has lots of fun playing the game, and he’s always looking at me to put them back up so he can knock them down again.
Also, for those interested in what is happening with Cole and Marmalade, there has been a seventh update of the legal proceedings, and where the case stands at this point. You’ll be happy to know that Chris Poole is still out there doing his cat rescue work, but they also need your support.
Cole and Marmalade Update Lucky 7

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