Funny Maine Coon kittens. Cute kittens

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Funny and cute kittens Maine Coon of various colors and ages. Kittens love to play and have fun. Red and gray kittens dark and light shades of color. This breed of cat is very friendly, peace-loving and good-natured. Maine Coons are very accurate – if an animal on the road obstruction, not throw down, and bypass. If there are kittens, the furniture will be in order. Maine Coon does not like the narrow space, so nowhere climbs. Despite the large size and slightly menacing look, this breed is a distinctive gentle nature. It is easy to adapt to the host and habitat in general. As a rule, they have a high level of “cat’s IQ”; easier to many other species amenable to education and training. By nature Maine Coon – a good-natured and moving pet. Very loyal to “their” family, but wary of strangers. Enjoy watching!

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