FURminator and my black persian cat Batman

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Get the FURminator here: http://bit.ly/furminatorcats
Must-have tool if you own a long hair cat!

My lovely black fur-ball Batman is shedding lots of hair especially now during the summer. Thankfully I have recently discovered this fantastic tool called “The FURminator” 😛 and it is making my life (and house) a lot cleaner. I seriously recommend it to anyone having a long haired cat. Click this affiliate link if you’d like to get the FURminator from Amazon: http://bit.ly/furminatorcats

Don’t use too much force and don’t overuse it over one single spot. Please read the instructions before use.

Music on the video: Dol Ammad – “Supernova” from the album Cosmic Gods Episode I – “Hyperspeed”. Check our music here: http://lightbridge.tv


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