Giant Fluffy Maine Coon Cat Gets Fed Like A Baby (Try Not To Laugh)

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This one is for all you Milo fans out there! #TeamMilo
Ok so we know this is ridiculous but if you watch any of our older videos, Milo lives for taking over anything Mia’s! As soon as she is out he is straight on it or in it! If it sits it fits. This high chair was new and on occasions like this he likes to be proactively inquisitive! We took him out but he kept returning so we thought we would call his bluff and test him. Well he played the game well and won… He got treated like a king and was spoon fed tuna and dog treats (as he thinks he’s a dog)

Shane doesn’t want to admit defeat so puts a bib on him and continues but Milo was lapping up the VIP treatment. He is such a big baby anyway! We just left him to it in the end as he was living his best life!

Do you treat your pets like royalty too? is this the new lockdown ‘norm’ haha.

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