Giant Men Meet Tiny Kittens

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When these giant men meet kittens, it’s PURFECT.

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Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.


Max Baumgarten
Steven Aleck
Moses Medina
Callen Stilphen
Sebastien Taulbee


Kitty Bungalow: Charm School for Wayward Cats



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mrthorwahl says:

"You must learn to hunt little ones." – Expressed by a deep manly voice behind a stache.?

Katelyn Leong says:

The moustache guy made this whole video.?

DrifterGHS says:

"But am I nervous;  I ain't fucking nervous!" PRICELESS! can't stop laughing!?

RainDrop “RainDropGaming” Rainbow says:

The guy with beard get me everytime?????????????

SHF SirHenryFace “SirHenryFace” SHF says:

at 1:10 theres a kitten on his shoulder XD?

Garrett Buckley says:


Funtastic twins says:

I like dogs, cat, fish, wild animals, sharks and everything rather than one thing that is human. Hehe?

Samuel Lynch says:

The blonde guy with the moustache reminds me of Ron Burgandy :D?

SepetRGMs says:

so cute?

Ice Motha Fuckin Cube™ says:

At 0:30, that girls hand and the cat both fit inside that 1 guys hand lmao?

Marika says:

guy with stache is ron swanson?

MsHanna Heartattack says:

"i felt something "
dies of laughter?

Judy Weaver says:

i have two cats one skinny one fat :p but the skinny one is older oh and i found the fat one when it was only about the length of my index finger?

xXBELLAXx - says:

"You must learn to hunt little ones…" That killed me ?

Izzi Seale says:

Blond guy with the mustache is like a young Ron Swanson?

Phoenix Nabity says:

Dat mustache guy doh he's being funny by not being funny?

jesse d. tudor says:

I wanna go there!?

Serenity Turner says:

"Yeah Uuuu….. This is nice their cute?" Face it you losing your manliness and theirs nothing you can do about it?

Ismael Moncada says:

That guy with the mustache is trying waaaaaaay too hard to be Ron Swanson.?

Gameplay Cupcake says:

child cats?

Rohini1993 says:

'I feel like a mommy!' Hahahah awwwwwww?

MajesticLuna20 says:

That guys mustache is AWESOME! ?

Ashley Novak says:

I have always had a cat in all my 21 year of life. All my cats all all recuse from abandoned buildings. I have had to bottle feed 20 kittens from one building. It was the most amazing feeling and being able to do that be the mothers couldn't was something I will never for get.?

Harry Green says:

The guy with just the moustache reminds me so much of Ron burgundy ?

Dancing hooves says:

Kittens can just melt your D'aww buttons like nothing else X3?

hh h says:

This video made me feel happy in my heart?

Erika G. Ballinas Niño says:

Oh come on guys…Just surrender, the kittens are just so freaking cute!! Tell it, they are so damn freaking cute!!!!!
These guys are so damn awesome.?

Josh Gold (Joshi) says:

1:09 the cat on his shoulders eyes tho?

Crosseyed Butterfly says:

the Marine guy was fucking hilarious, MORE OF HIM!?

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