Gigantic pulsating parasite extracted from 8-week-old kitten.

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This was the horrifying moment a huge Cuterebra botfly larva was extracted from the tiny nostril of an eight-week-old kitten in North Carolina, USA.

Footage captured on November 7 shows a vet using surgical forceps to remove the parasite from the kitten’s nose and what is revealed is an unusually large botfly larva.

The kitten was suffering from chronic nasal discharge when it arrived at Animal Care East veterinary hospital in Winterville.

The filmer told Newsflare: “When the eight-week-old kitten presented to the clinic, it had a chronic history of sneezing and oculonasal discharge and had a grossly distended right nostrum.

“I decided to sedate the kitten and I would have never guessed there would be a gigantic botfly in there!

“Usually they are only roughly a centimeter or so in length and found burrowed into the skin – this was the largest one I have ever seen … and it was in the nose!

“The kitten is back to better now with no concerns reported by the owner; no more discharge, no more sneezing.

“This was such an awesome outcome for a great kitten and a great pet owner.”

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