Grumpy Cat Movie – Secret Santa Review

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For Versy’s movie, Rosseter has chosen the Lifetime made-for-tv feature Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Versiris is convinced this is against the rules.

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Hazy says:

But Homeward Bound doesn’t even have funny internet jokes.

That PROVES it’s the inferior film!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to improving The Godfather by
editing in the latest memes.?

supradoom says:

This movie was completely self aware, so I don’t understand how the
reviewer treats it as try harding? Makes no sense. The movie was good for
what it was, didn’t take itself seriously, and joked about its own
shameless plugs. If anything is try hard it’s this review. ?

MrCerebellum2 says:

Why is the mom 10 years older than the daughter??

KlingonCaptain says:

I love bad, cheese-fest, made for TV, Christmas movies. I watch them every
December and sometimes I even buy them on DVD when they make it to the $5
bin at Wal*Mart… Don’t judge me; I didn’t have my first Christmas until I
was an adult.?

marcelo ratzkowski says:

Homeward Bound was such a great movie! Also, loved the review!?

GhenryPerez says:

Aubrey Plaza is a genius. She has provided this ‘dead-pan’ persona from
shows like Parks and Rec, now she can actually not even bother acting and
it’s fine! Listen to every single one of these lines. She’s not even into
the idea of being sarcastic or dead-pan, she’s simply stating lines. But
all the execs and director were just like “Oh, that’s so dead-pan! Great
job, Aubrey!” Simply amazing, Plaza. You’re duping everyone behind this
film and will continue to get away with it for future roles where you’re
casted as some dead-pan pessimistic person.

As for the film, I’m further convinced Jim Davis has grounds to sue.?

Zeke Freek says:

Significantly better than Fuzh’s. I was actually pretty disappointed by
Fuzh’s review, it just seemed lazy.?

De Changeman says:

I can’t wait for the final part of this series :D?

MrCerebellum2 says:

Somebody please please please give somebody else “A Talking Cat?” as their
review to do. It’s so much lower production value than Grumpy Cat movie
that its 10x more grueling to watch. ?

Dee Jay says:

shes drips with so much venom and even better yet, shes actuly funny XD giv
tp a million dolrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

Washington Irving says:

At least there was probably less animal abuse in this movie than in
homeward bound….?

Actilide says:

This was the best.?

NotOrdinaryInGames says:

“Ironic” humor is the lowest form of humor, and is the preferred by those
with no sense of humor, imagination, or talent.

I had this in my system for a few years now.?

David O says:

This just really makes me want to watch the movie and buy the merchandise.?

dachshund103 says:

Good video guys.?

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