Grumpy Cat vs. Household Items – “Will Kitty Play With It?” from Friskies®

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Internet celebrity Grumpy Cat, the face that launched a thousand memes, makes a surprise appearance on this episode of Will Kitty Play With It? Will Grumpy Cat play with a pile of everyday household items? Tune in to find out. #willkittyplay


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At Friskies we think cats are awesome. For us, they are daily invitations to a more vibrant world. Let’s celebrate what makes cats great. Let’s celebrate their “catness” together.

Grumpy Cat on Friskies® Cat Game Show, “Will Kitty Play With It?”


Lee COOK says:

*hahahaha love Grumpy Cat* he is so adorable. <3 <3 ?

emilinrose says:

She’s so TINY! I can’t get over how TINY she is. Omg so cute i may just

Carter McCombs says:


Lee COOK says:

*Hold Your Breath I’ll Be Right There* he says. lmao. that made me laugh
out loud. ahahaha. ?

mookipfisto says:

I’m so glad i have a grumpy cat poster on mah wall :3?

Tobiáš Kaláb says:

fun and cute! :D?

Roland Taylor says:

+Kat Meredith ?

Silvia Emma Ascari says:

i love #grumpycat – #caturday :)?

Jason Hearne says:

Grumpy Cat on a Gameshow!?

Benji Dasta says:

Will Kitty Play With It?
Grumpy Cat
Celeberty Edition?

Stephen Yang says:


Nancy T says:

Ah.. again u are my hero Grumpy! Lol?

Ai-lada Chotechuang says:

Funny climax :D?

yvette arellano says:
Elba Robaina says:

Cat Play! Beautiful!!!!!?

Lily Miller says:

I didn’t know grumpy cat was so small, she’s so cute c:?

Tacorokz231 says:


Lisa Josephsdatter says:

Ah, Grumpy Cat. The apogee of kittehs on the Internets.?

David Hathaway says:

OK, I admit that I will buy something Friskies because of this.

#GrumpyCat #CaturdayErFriday?

Toby Turner says:

I love you, grumpy cat.?

Avery Wilson says:
Eva Schmit says:


Nel Cero says:

I sooo love Grupmy Cat girl!!!!! cutiecutiecutie!!!!! she’s gonna stay in

LadyKizzle1984 says:

lol so cute! Makes me want a cat.?

Infimoid says:

Cat Trap’s Working?

Eva Schmit says:

Why does everyone think Grumpy Cat is a boy??? its a girl! it even says it
in the video -.-?

Kristi Farinelli says:

“Mail me home. Now.” — Grumpy Cat vs. Household Items – “Will Kitty Play
With It?” from Friskies®?

xXsweetypieXx says:

Omg DAT FACE!! SOO CUTE!! I love grumpy cat DAT cute little girl <3?

Doowik says:

Grumpy Cat you sell-out.?

Queen Cerii says:

How did I not notice that this was released on my birthday before now?
kjskalhjala ?

Kitteh Overlord says:

:048 XD Tardar says:
“Wait…I think I have a fudge to give…
//after box is lifted// “Nevermind, it’s gone.”

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