Helpless 8 Day Old Kitten Rescued From High Kill Shelter

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Chloe was almost euthanized after being in a high kill shelter for 20 minutes

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Special thanks to Cats at the Studios Rescue

Gabe Evans, Brittni Brown


Rayne Vermillion says:

shes so precious :3?

noa rijnaard says:

Aaaaaw chloe is so adorable!! i wish i could have her! ?????????

Saori Keller says:

They need to shut that filthy high kill “shelter” down.?

FateCat says:

The only thing that needs to be put down in this situation is that shelter
that would kill a newborn kitten.?

Ashley H. says:

I need to adopt an animal ???

Vandoren333 says:

In all countries people create shelters to help animals but in US looks
like to kill them.What fucking wrong with american shelters??

Ahmed Khalid says:


JoshuaBagwell says:

So sad kittens need to never be put down ever. Its odd I pay my monthly
payments to the aspca but never feel like its enough cause it doesn’t go to
every shelter?

cookiesncream789 says:

I’m so happy this sweet creature was saved and not euthanized!!!! <3 ?

Vixendayrussell says:

Not a shelter if they kill. ?

Ju Eiger says:

20 minutes!? I though shelters would wait 3 days or so. thats horrible.?

Anne Marie Dippoliti says:

God bless that precious and gorgeous baby girl……????

Radu Andreyi says:

Why it’s called a shelter if they kill those animals that fast? I think
it’s misleading..It should be called slaughterhouse?

Maram Munib says:

Who would kill an 8 day kitten… These people are fucking heartless.. More
like slaughter house than a shelter.. ?

Robin Quinnell says:

Helpless 8 Day Old Kitten Rescued From High Kill Shelter:

Mike Galil says:

Helpless 8 Day Old Kitten Rescued From High Kill Shelter?

Isabel v says:

I really wish city shelters with all the funding they receive would try to
actually save the animals they rescue. From my experience volunteering in a
no-kill shelter I learned that the city’s shelter does not give adequate
time for the animals to be adopted nor do they give them proper care.?

Mariadespoina Kamperidou says:


Katsumi Arakaki says:


Helpless 8 Day Old Kitten Rescued From High Kill Shelter:

cats1233661 says:

I hope she finds a great home. She deserves a chance at life. 8 days just
isn’t enough. ?

Kodykthnx says:

why do people KILL innocent kittens and puppies like that?
90% of the people i know could not bear to kill any living thing, much less
a kitten.
but who gives a F right? we’re getting paid! ?

Matea Lira says:


nswe2002 says:

who the hell are these people that wake up every morning and go to work to
knowing they are going to possibly euthanize kittens???

megaawesome1212 says:

She is so

VelvetGal5 says:

Nice video! Thank you, Cats at the Studios Rescue, for their work in
rescuing cats. Thank you, Pet Collective, for bringing Chloe’s story to our
attention. Maybe a viewer will contact Cats at the Studios Rescue from the
link you provided in your description box, and ask if they could adopt
Chloe. Thank you to the foster Mom who took good care of Chloe. My family &
I used to feed kittens with little milk bottles like that. I’m glad that
Chloe was rescued. She’s a cutie and sweetie! And it’s too bad that many
cats and animals are killed and not rescued before it’s too late. We need
more no kill shelters. ?

Carly Freeman says:

Instead of saying that high-kill shelters need to be shut down, how about
send donations, volunteer, foster, adopt, something. Because the ONLY
reasons they are that way, is lack of funds, volunteers, and fosters. So
please, stop spreading hate and negativity and help these places out so
they can decrease the euthanasia rate. i volunteer at a shelter that used
to be the highest killing shelter in our area, and now we are proud to say
our live rate has increased to 85% with the help of donations, volunteers,
and fosters as well as social media and teaming up with rescues and other
shelters up and down the west coast. so please, just help out. if you can’t
donate a lot, even just a dollar helps and use social media to help spread
awareness of this situation.?

Darkened Spirit says:

You’re Hearts Are Filled In Warm, Calming Fire..?

Aaron Reason says:

Aww… My baby Khloee (she’s almost 6 years old, she’s a manx) was found
under a church when she was 4 weeks old. I rescued her and she has live
almost 6 happy years with me and her brother Lynk who is a bengal. ?

Elaina Phommivog says:

People of ypurube!!Please contact Hong Nguyen if you see a lost puppy
roaming around!I’m the owners niece and I miss him.If you don’t know who
Hong Nguyen is contact
Shen Gri La in Moline.I miss my puppy!He was only home for 1 week and he
Please Share on every video,I miss my poor puppy badly…?

Nutella Chan Is A Brony, Otaku, Furry, Cartoon Addict, Bookworm, Very Weird, Yummy, says:

<3 <3 <3?

jannisares says:

So tiny, precious little kitty, I would have kept her.?

Rania M says:

OOOOOOMMMMMGGGGGG!!!! ?????????????

Mix Tapes says:


DarthWill3 says:

She looks so adorable!?

Jade Mary says:

what a precious baby! i’m so glad she’s being looked after now, can we have
an update on how she is doing??

Aleksandr Degis says:

Cuter then my cat you can see my profile picture thats my cat?

G says:

We should find the ppl who run that shelter, tie them to the back of a car
and pop it in drive and just slowly and painfully drag them to death, or
bring them to buffalo bill and have him make a suit out of their skin,
which ever is more painful ?

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