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Portaria, Volos, GREECE
In November 2015, two children where hearing the cry of a cat, which had entered an underground drain pipe, for 4 days. Fortunately everything turned out o.k. For her, a neighbor intervened with the help of special equipment and workshop and managed to remove the cat from a depth of 1.1 meter, not suffered the slightest.
The cat was male, they were given the necessary care and a year after alive has acquired offspring with other neighbors cat, little ones of which we have taken in our care.

For the rescue it was used at the beginning that is not visible at the video, a ground phone to locate the area of the cat and then a special drain camera with self leveling camera. At the camera exist a sonde at 33 kHz that sent the signal to the surface.
Last we used a sonde locator that now founds the exact point of the camera. The locator informs you also for the deep of the pipe.
By following the cat condition with the internal camera you can proceed with the digging of the ground and be sure for opening the pipe for taking out the animal.

At the end of the video the cat is left and running by itself.
That supposed not to happen as it was existed someone to give the first aid before the animal was moved to the veterinary but happen something that we didn’t expect.
The smell of the ammonia was so incredible that the person who was taking out the cat has to let it go because he couldn’t breathe from the smell.


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