House Cats Helping Snow Leopards!

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BIG Kitty Conservation! Snow leopards need our help and there’s a easy way to help protect these amazing big cats! With programs and staff in five countries in Central Asia and support from around the world, the Snow Leopard Trust is a leader in the effort to secure the future of the snow leopard.

Learn more about them here:

Give the gift of conservation! Purrchase items to help snow leopards here:

Learn more about Big Cat Rescue here:


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Cole and Marmalade says:

Cole & Marmalade help with Snow Leopard Conservation efforts ;)?

Cat CATastrophes says:

Snow leopards are awesome. Thanks for sharing! ?

Animalist says:

Help Cole and Marm save the beautiful snow leopard! ?

William Eiberg says:

What a nice video to watch for the beginning of the day ?

Trish O'Connor says:

It’s good to hear of efforts at conservation that take seriously the needs
of the human communities that live on the “front lines” of the issue. It
can be far too easy from half a world away to say that desperately poor
villagers should be happy to live alongside predators that eat the
livestock that feed their children. They need to extract value from
everything in their environment just to survive. If the only way they can
turn predators from a negative into a positive is to kill them, then that’s
what they have to do. It sounds like Snow Leopard Trust is trying to give
them real alternatives.?

Super Epic Cats says:

Love this! Great cause and beautiful animals!?

Knight'sKraftyKreations AndBooks says:

I love big cats too! Snow Leopards are beautiful. But my favorite big cat
is the white tiger?

SkulpTools SkulpterAz says:

Snow Leopards, as well as all big cats, are magnificent creatures! Thanks
for sharing this. It fascinates me that house cats always have vertical
slit pupils and many big cats have round ones. Mother nature is so diverse
and adaptable.?

Kelly Jean Smith says:

The snow leopard is my absolute favorite of all the big cats. Thanks for
the info – I will definitely check it out.?

DragonRidingHood says:

So just out of interest, why don’t you work at big Cat Rescue anymore??

Jacob Marley says:

0:40 – Heartbreaking T-T…….?

Sandra McCormick says:

You guys are awesome! Snow leopards are my favourite big cats and now I
know where I will be getting my moggies some new toys from ??

Barb M says:

I love this!!! A way to help people and wild cats co-exist…I’m all for
it! Thank you SO much for sharing this!! >^..^

Lewis Kinslayer says:

Great idea! Time for me to go buy some Christmas presents. ?

ittybittyvoodookitty says:

Thank you for the info. I live in Tampa not far from BCR and have gone
several times. I never knew about the trust. I know where I will be getting
cat toys from now on!?

Rae (Nocturne) says:

I knew I’d seen you in the BCR videos! And I think I’ve seen Cole and
Marmalade in one or two of them before, as sort of educational cameos. ?

Nannerchan says:

I went to Big Cat Rescue when I lived in Tampa. Great place. ?

BlackCat2 says:

Awesome. I definitely will share this video.

– Heidi?

Bernie other says:

since iv’e never bought any fur things you seem to be an over grown

msjanegrey says:

now i know where i can get my pets this years christmas treats.?

John B says:

great video. I’ve always loved the big cats as well.?

Noreechin says:

Those animals are so gorgeous.?

redstonekitty668 says:

Must have loved working with the big cats! Anyone else jealous? ?

marciaslife says:

are you a member of that project? how do you find out about things like

D. Höse says:

Ich habe mir schon Spielzeug bestellt !?

Greenkey2 says:

We already support snow leopard conservation via the WWF, but now our mini
house leopards can do their bit, too – by enjoying these toys! Keep up the
great work!

marakuya91 says:

What an amazing initiative!?

Jennifer Krueger says:

I’m definitely getting my cat Winston a couple of toys from that site! I’ve
been looking for something new for him, other than the regular mice and
birds with feathers :D?

TheShadowChesireCat says:

Awesome! My favourites are Snow Leopards too. The products look great,
purchasing a rug in the future may be in order. Though I like the cat toys,
my cat isn’t interested in toys.?

omar msry says:

Cuntinue please <3 :3
I love your viseos and always wait you

Kathryn Blodgett says:

I didn’t know you worked there, but I found your YouTube page, about the
same time I found theirs. Love their vids, and yours. Hug Cole and Marmy
for me, Loves, Kat?

Beatrice Etna says:


Katie Everheart says:

What kind of careers are there for people who just want to work with cats? ?

artdecochicgirl2 says:

Wonderful. Big cats in the wild get no love and they are the ones at risk
of extinction. ?

ShibaInu says:

I’ll check it out!.?

MsRainbow Brite says:

Spot a black cat!!?

Kimba1000 Flaming Fox Productions says:

I have a playlist on my YouTube called “videos by amazing people” and this
video is in that playlist?

David Cownie says:

whats ur job now ??? I hope ur still working with cats… Large and Small

Sarcasm Lister says:

I got to see one of these stunning cats when i went to central park zoo 2
weeks ago… there breath taking and amazing?

Helen Zhu says:

Can you please reply? I have a black cat just like your Cole
And I have a youtube account. My black cat is in one of those
Videos! Please like it, leave a comment, and subscribe!?

Jaimes says:

This is a great idea. Next time my cats need some toys, I’ll definitely try
some out. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!?

Lauwke says:

Hi! New to your channel! What a great cause with the cat toys! ????
Killing those beautiful animals breaks my heart…?????

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